PANDA Bean Bags, is a leading bean bag manufacturer in Africa and has been operational since 1991.

We now can boast distribution throughout South Africa, and into the following African Countries: Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Nigeria.
Further afield, PANDA has a presence, on a franchise bulk supply basis, in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Cyprus, Israel, Australia, Canada and the United States. Currently PANDA is expanding its International footprint with the offer of door to door distribution, directly from Factory to end user, in an unfilled format.


Now, the full Range, of PANDA products, is available for the international market. Distributed via a world respected courier service, your PANDA order will arrive safely, at your doorstep in the shortest possible time.

Products arrive empty in compact, secure packaging, with clear instructions on filling method and volumes of the required filling. Once filled, your PANDA purchase is ready for use for a life time of enjoyment.

Products may be viewed in the various product groups, where international prices are clearly given and represent the full factory price in US Dollars, excluding shipping.

Specific courier costs are determined by size of order and destination, and are then added to the factory price.

All products carry a patented zip safety feature which prevents accidental opening of Zipper.


Continual evolution of designs, has taken the humble beanbag concept, into the world of Brand Activation, Corporate and Private Gifts, and also into the space of character model re-creations. While the use of traditional product designs, in the home, has remained strong and boyant, new products have exploded on the local scene, with an assortment of exciting indoor designs. These include kids bedroom accessories in Neon Nylon fabric, fun Gaming Bags and Giant sized formations. Finally the bean bag has braved the outdoors and new product designs have ventured onto the patio, into the garden and also into the pool with stunning options in UV stable Faux Canvas Fabrics.

Interior Designers

Finally PANDA has introduced a fabulous platform for interior designers. This concept allows for the use of selected time proven PANDA styles, as framework for the application of high-end designer fabric coverings. Thus the traditional bean bag comfort is brought into a co-ordinated space of plush fabric colour and texture, to compliment the most decerning of client tastes. Thus PANDA beanbags has secured its place in the world of high fashion, moving with the times and always remaining current and fresh.

Franchise Opportunities

PANDA has embarked on a FRANCHISE drive to give our clients the facility of physically viewing products in their local areas. This will be achieved by the establishment of a FRANCHISE NETWORK throughout South Africa and beyond.