Now, the full Range, of PANDA products, is available for the international market. Distributed via a world respected courier service, your PANDA order will arrive safely, at your doorstep in the shortest possible time.

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Adult Amber Lounge Suite

This plush beanbag lounge suite is a 3 Piece set, 1 x Double Plus 2 x Singles available in Nepal Faux Leather with a variety of colours to choose from.

Wide Range

Our offering, through PANDA, is wide across a number of age and product categories, allowing for a one stop purchasing experience.

Most if not all your bean bag needs can be met with a single transaction and eliminates the need for multiple site visits.


National door to door courier deliveries, of all products, in the fully filled state.

International door to door courier deliveries of all products in the unfilled state.

Filling material, will need to be purchased at your destination, under direction of specification sheets supplied by factory.

Courier fees to be negotiated at time of order and is subject to order size and destination.

Customer Service

PANDA order process is not automated to the extent that the human touch is excluded. Interaction with factory, allows for exchange of ideas in formulating your final order.

PANDA Customer service is driven by a passion to meet customer needs in a positive way that contributes to the growth of the PANDA BRAND by multiple and satisfied referrals.