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  Product Guarantee
Here at PANDA, we are continually striving for excellence in product design and
manufacturing quality. We also accept that we can never be perfect and that
manufacturing flaws may and do occur.
PANDA Products, therefore, carry a walk in Guarantee on workmanship for one
year from date of purchase.

Polystyrene Filling, within the product, may compress over time. If this occurs
within one year of purchase, then a free walk in service, for refilling, is provided
Thereafter, polystyrene filling, may be purchased for refilling through the product
ZIP provided.

Refill Quantity
In all product descriptions, the total filler volume (in Litres) is given. The bag of
polystyrene beads filler, has a volume of 210 Litres. Therefore, dividing the
product volume by the refill bag volume, will give the number of refill bags
needed to fill a product.
  Prices for the South African Market are ex works in the South African RAND.
Local Postage Costs are for Counter to Counter Service and product arrives
fully filled.
International Prices (in US$ ) are ex works for Empty Product, suitably
packaged. Courier Costs to be determined per order.

Product Dimensions (cm)
Polystyrene Refill
  Description Measured Volume of Filling in Plastic Bag
  Maximum User Weight n/a
  Material n/a
  Filling Polystyrene Regrind Beads
  Filler Volume 210 Litres
  Dimensions 75w x 75d x 85h
  Door to Door Courier SQ
  Factory Price R 298
  Panda South Africa  +27 73 77 555 48  
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